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Cute Ways To Pamper Sugar Gliders

July 15, 2023

Here at Clermont Animal Hospital, we see a variety of animals, from tiny pocket pets to massive dogs. One furball that has become pretty popular in recent years is the sugar glider. These cute little pets are quite gentle and playful, and can be lots of fun to have around. A Clermont County vet lists some ways to spoil sugar gliders in this article.


Sugar gliders are very sociable, and are always happiest with friends. We’d recommend keeping at least two together. Ideally, they should grow up together. However, adult gliders can still make friends if introduced properly.


Just like any other animal, gliders need time to get used to their humans. It’s important for you to make your pint-sized pals feel safe with you. Gliders love snuggling up in small places, so one option is to get a hoodie or tee shirt with a pouch, and let them curl up in that as you’re watching TV.

Climbing Wall

Sugar gliders love to climb and leap. They don’t ‘fly’ so much as parasail, but they will spend a good amount of time in the air, regardless. Make your little buddies a fun climbing wall. You’ll find glider platforms and nets online and in stores. You can also use cat shelves and/or bird toys, such as ladders and ropes. Just put safety first. Don’t use anything sharp, or anything they could get twisted up in. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe toys.


The term ‘crazy sugar glider lady’ has not yet entered the common vernacular, as ‘crazy cat lady’ has. However, if and when it does, the glider apron will likely be involved. You can order specially-made aprons, but you can also make your own. Add things like swings and hammocks for your little buddies to climb and cuddle up in. This is a cute way to hang out with your tiny pals as you’re going about your day.


Sugar gliders are just as fond of treats as the rest of our patients. While you don’t want to go too crazy with snacks, you can offer things like mealworms, dried fruit slices, frozen fruits or veggies, or organic apple sauce. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.

Do you want to learn more about sugar gliders? Please contact us, your Clermont County animal clinic, anytime!

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