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6 Easy Ways To Spoil Your Dog

August 01, 2023

National Spoil Your Dog Day is coming on August 10th! Of course, if you were to ask Fido, he would probably insist that every day should be Spoil Your Dog Day, and he wouldn’t be wrong. Our canine friends really do deserve to be pampered and spoiled all the time. Their love, loyalty, and friendship are truly priceless! Here, a Greater Cincinnati vet lists some cute ways to brighten up your furry pal’s day.


No surprises here: Man’s Best Bud is very fond of food, and always perks up when he spots something yummy. Store-bought goodies are fine, but you can also make homemade snacks for Fido. Frozen snacks are a good option. Combine natural peanut butter, plain fat-free yogurt, and ripe banana in a blender, and freeze. Or, put kibble or shredded meat in ice cube trays and freeze in water or sodium-free broth.

Pupscription Boxes

Did you know that you can sign Fido up to get his own box of goodies in the mail every month? As you can probably guess, watching pups get their mail is absolutely adorable.


Toys are much more of a necessity than a luxury for your furry bff. They not only offer him a fun outlet for burning off any angst he feels, they’re also great for bonding and beating boredom. A new toy is a great option! If Fido is well-behaved, take him to a pet store and have him pick out his own toy.


Has Fido’s bed seen better days? This is a ‘pawesome’ time to get him a new one! You can buy beds, but there are also great DIY options.

Water Fun

August is often a scorcher. Help Fido beat the heat! If you have a yard, get him a kiddie pool or sprinkler. You can also take your canine pal swimming. Just stick to safe spots and supervise your furry friend closely.

Quality Time

Fido’s unwavering devotion is one of his best traits. Your pooch really just wants to hang out with you. Spend some extra quality time with your canine companion. Toss a ball or Frisbee for him, take him to a park or trail, or just hang out quietly at home. Time spent with dogs is never wasted!

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