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Clinic Manager & Head Veterinary Technician
Whitney has adored animals ever since she was a little girl. Taking care of her childhood dog—and her litter of baby puppies—sealed Whitney’s fate. She was destined to become a veterinary professional! Now, she’s proud to serve as Clermont Animal Hospital’s Clinic Manager and Head Veterinary Technician.

Whitney is from Georgetown, Ohio and was only 17 years old when she started working a summer job as a Kennel Technician. A year later, she attended Morehead State University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology, starting here at Clermont Animal Hospital to fulfill her internship requirements during her studies. After graduating, Whitney was more than happy to accept a job offer! She’s been a member of the hospital family ever since.

Around the clinic, Whitney loves that every shift is a little different—the fast-paced environment keeps her on her toes. She’s especially fond of seeing the area’s exotic animals and always loves to see a big snake or lizard visit the hospital. Most of all, she enjoys interacting one-on-one with pet owners and helping their animal companions to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible.

When she isn’t here at the clinic, Whitney can be found crafting, cheering on her favorite sports teams, and spending time with her dog, Bruno. He’s a Boxer/Great Dane mix who likes to think he’s a lap dog even though he weighs about 130 pounds.
Veterinary Technician’s Assistant II
Leanna always wanted to work in a role that allowed her to make a difference, and she wanted to love what she did every day. Having always had a soft spot for pets, the choice was clear for Leanna: veterinary medicine was the perfect fit! Now, she gets to help animals as a member of the Clermont Animal Hospital family.

Leanna volunteered in a number of pet clinics before signing on to volunteer here at Clermont Animal Hospital in June of 2018. In August of that year, she was hired on as an employee. Leanna serves as a Veterinary Technician’s Assistant, and particularly likes scrubbing in for surgeries and getting to see the exotic species that the hospital treats. For her, the learning experience that her work provides is incredibly valuable!
Outside of work, Leanna enjoys traveling, writing, and playing video games. She and her family share their lives with one pet at home: Mack, a Shih-Tzu who likes to get into trouble when he feels his owners aren’t paying enough attention to him.
Veterinary Assistant II
Sam has wanted to work with animals ever since she was a young girl — she never even considered another path in life. She showed pigs and goats for 11 years while growing up, and loved every minute. Those early experiences caring for animals left no doubt in Sam’s mind: she wanted to help the earth’s creatures as a member of the veterinary profession.

Originally from Fayetteville, Ohio, Sam first joined the Clermont Animal Hospital family as a volunteer in 2013 to satisfy her hours for Morehead State University’s Veterinary Technician program. That December, Sam became an employee. Now, she’s a Level II Veterinary Assistant! As she becomes proficient in all technical skills, she enjoys seeing what kind of exotic pets visit the clinic. Of course, getting to meet puppies and kittens always puts a smile on Sam’s face as well.

When she’s not at work, Sam enjoys reading, drawing, cheering on the Indianapolis Colts, and doting on her own pets at home. She has three cats—TigerLily, a gray tabby rescued from Clermont Animal Hospital; Rufio the brown tabby, who is the most docile creature Sam has ever met; and a black kitten named Bagheera—as well as a laid-back crested gecko named Smaug.
Veterinary Assistant II
Lynnlee has always wanted to devote herself to the health and wellbeing of animals. She wants to make sure that others’ pets are cared for in the same way that she cares for her own companions! Lynnlee is able to do just that as a member of the hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Lynnlee is originally from Kentucky but has lived in Eastgate, Ohio for more than 20 years. She was a client here at Clermont Animal Hospital before she became an employee—she brought her own pup in for vaccinations and asked about a job, and the rest is history. Lynnlee has been a part of the team since 2015 and has enjoyed every moment since.

Most of Lynnlee’s free time away from work is spent with her family. She has a wonderful daughter and also shares her life with several animal companions: two dogs named Ibanez and Randy, a cat, and eight reptile pets!
Finance Manager
Despite the fact that Mel doesn’t work directly with our patients, the days she works here as our Finance Manager are her favorite days of the week (even Monday!). Her undeniable love of all animals made working at a vet clinic a perfect fit!

When she’s not busy crunching numbers and managing the business side of things, Mel often steals away to visit with some of our patients as they come in for their appointments. Being able to love on some furry friends is a perk of the job few others in her field get to enjoy!

At home, Mel is happily married. Together, she and her husband have four kids and three grandbabies. Their ever-growing fur family includes a snuggle-loving dog named Charlee, an independent cat named Kitty, two hilariously entertaining Nigerian Dwarf goats (Barney and Betty), and eight chickens: Gertie, Ginger, Sally, May, Debs, Jan, Marsha, and Rose. Ginger is a hugger, Gertie sits on all the eggs all day, every day, and Rose is the leader at the top of the pecking order.

In her spare time, Mel enjoys doing yard work, playing with the animals and spending time with family (mostly the grandbabies). As a mother, Mel feels that her greatest achievement is having raised, or helped to raise, four wonderful humans. She is incredibly proud of her kids and their many accomplishments, and can't help but think that she and her husband played a little part in that.
Technician Assistant
If you bumped into Quinn as a child, chances are she’d be carrying around her beloved book on dog breeds. If she wasn’t snuggling a nearby barn cat, she was probably loving on one of her grandparents’ many pets. It was clear, even at a young age, that there was a passion for animals that would only continue to grow and blossom over the years.

In high school, Quinn spent countless hours volunteering at the local animal shelter. This solidified her desire to one day work with animals full time. She always wanted a job that served a purpose, and helping pets is something she finds truly rewarding. In August of 2021, Quinn officially joined the Clermont Animal Hospital team. Professionally, she enjoys scrubbing in to assist with surgery and working with exotics. Her favorite patients, however, are striped kitties, for whom she has a soft spot.

At home, Quinn is ‘Mom’ to four fur babies of her own: an amazing (albeit grumpy) cat named Reece; a beagle named Charlie; and a pair of dachshunds, Gus and Dolly, who are two peas in a pod. In her spare time, Quinn loves watching her dogs swim and play outside. She plans on starting school for a tech program soon.
Technician Assistant
Sheyenne has been around animals her whole life. As a child, her sister would tell her all about the vet program she was in and occasionally bring some of the animals home. Sheyenne remembers thinking how cool it was to see so many different animals and learn about their care. This experience made her realize at a young age that she too wanted to work with animals when she got older. The rest is history!

Prior to joining the Clermont Animal Hospital team, Sheyenne worked as a kennel technician at a facility in West Chester. At that point, she knew she would need more hours working in the field in order to apply to her clinical year, so she decided to try and get a head start. One thing led to another, and she ended up finding Clermont in the process. She officially came aboard in May of 2023 and hasn’t looked back since.

Outside of work, Sheyenne resides with her mother and her dog, Rosie, whom she adopted while working at her last job as a kennel technician. Rosie is a Havanese and is the definition of a “Velcro dog”. She knows many tricks, including giving high fives, kisses, and speaking.
Working with animals and their people has always been Roo’s life's mission. As a receptionist here at Clermont Animal Hospital, she loves being able to bridge the gap between our clients and care team, and helping to make everyone’s experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

Roo’s journey officially began at a county shelter in 2016. After working at a few other shelters, she decided to move from the back of the building to the front when she joined our team. Professionally, Roo enjoys getting to know our clients and patients on a personal level so she can better serve them.

At home, Roo is mom to her furbaby, Fred, an eight-pound Chihuahua with the personality of an 80-pound dog. Roo’s hobbies include training animals and spending time outdoors.
Growing up, Abby was obsessed with animals. Unfortunately, her mother’s severe allergy made it challenging to bring any pets into the home. Knowing how much she adored them, however, Abby’s mother tried and tried until they were finally able to find a dog she wasn’t allergic to. Abby credits this as the reason her passion and interest in animals was able to flourish. Now, as one of the receptionists here at Clermont Animal Hospital, Abby is making up for all those petless years and loving every second of it!

Abby attended the Grant Career Center for their veterinary science program. There, she learned about animal husbandry, grooming, and training. Abby discovered Clermont when she brought her dog in for an appointment. She immediately noticed how close-knit and helpful the team was and knew right then that this was where she wanted to be. A few months later, an opening became available, and the rest is history! Her favorite part of the job is seeing all the adorable pets that come in – especially exotics!

At home, Abby is a devoted mom to several pets of her own, including a Yorkie poo named Bella, a schnauzer mix named Sydnee, and two Kenyan sand boas named Jasper and Zeppelin. Bella is a total diva and always has to be the center of attention. Sydnee loves to play and if given the chance, would give kisses all day long.
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