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Creating A Kitty Enclosure

July 01, 2023

We always advise keeping cats indoors. It’s much safer for them! However, we do understand that Fluffy enjoys fresh air and sunshine. Want to offer your kitty the best of both worlds? Make a cat enclosure! A local Clermont County vet offers some advice on this below.

Choose The Space

Picking the right spot is the first step. It should be on level ground that has decent drainage, somewhere that isn’t in either full sun or full shade. Consider how you want your feline pal to get in and out. A window access is often the best bet. You can get a kitty door that fits into the window, which can help keep bugs and other unwanted guests out.

Customize It

Keep your kitty’s purrsonality in mind. If your feline buddy is a meowing ball of zoom, you’ll want to include things that will occupy and entertain Fluffy, like catwalks. If your cat is more of a couch potato, provide extra lounging spots. Got a senior kitty? Make sure the furniture in Fluffy’s enclosure is easy for her to get on and off, and is low enough to where your furball won’t injure herself if she falls.

Look At Plans

If you’re a crafty type, you can build your own enclosure. This also allows you to customize your furry pal’s outdoor space. Want extra purrs? Integrate kitty favorites, like catwalks and napping spots.

Consider A Kit

Once you’ve figured out the size and shape of the enclosure you want, you can start shopping. Some manufacturers offer several versions of the same basic model, which can come in handy for narrowing down the right size.

Decorate It

Fluffy’s outdoor space doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Add an outdoor carpet, and things like suncatchers or wind chimes. You can even incorporate pet-safe plants. Catnip is of course the obvious choice here, but there are many other options. Check the ASPCA site here.


Fluffy will be much safer in a cat enclosures than she would if she were running around freely. However, fleas, ticks, and other critters may get in. You’ll also need to be careful about poisonous insects. Keep up with your feline friend’s wellness care! Also, keep her indoors at night and whenever it’s hot or cold out.

As your Clermont County animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please contact us anytime!

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