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Winter Kitty Care

January 15, 2022

Love it or hate it, winter is definitely here. The change of season also affects our feline friends, even those who live indoors. Fluffy may need some extra TLC at this time of year! A local Greater Cincinnati vet offers some winter cat care tips in this article.

Offer Warm Spots

Your feline pal will probably spend a pretty good chunk of winter curled up in her bed, dreaming of chasing butterflies. Make sure she has at least a few cozy beds. Fluffy may also appreciate kitty tents or thermal blankets, which will hold heat in.

Leave A Light On

The sun goes down really early at this time of year. If Fluffy stays home by herself while you are at work, turn a light on for her before you head out. Your kitty may also appreciate some background noise, like a radio. That way she isn’t left in a dark, quiet house.

Keep Kitty In

We can’t overstate the importance of this one. Going outdoors is always dangerous for kitties! In winter, the darkness, snow, and cold make it even more treacherous. Keep your furry friend warm and cozy inside. If you do let Fluffy out, set up some sort of emergency shelter, such as a storage tote with a hole in the side.

Play With Fluffy

You’ve probably noticed that cats are collectively quite tired. However, Fluffy does need some activity. Playtime definitely fits that bill. Running, jumping, and pouncing will help keep your furball in shape, and help keep her from getting bored.

Brush The Furball

Fluffy’s pretty fur will help keep her warm. However, dead fur, dust, and dander all interfere with the insulating qualities of her coat. Brushing your furry pal regularly will help keep her warm and comfy.

Don’t Forego Preventative Care

Veterinary care is important all year round. Although fleas and ticks aren’t as prevalent at this time of year as they are in summer, they would be more than happy to winter over in Fluffy’s fur or bed. Keep up with parasite control and vaccinations!

Enjoy The Purr

One duty that Fluffy takes very seriously? Keeping the humans warm and relaxed. Cats definitely make great napping buddies and lap warmers! Enjoy some down time with your feline friend!

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