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Resolutions For Confused Dogs

January 01, 2022

Happy New Year! Are you setting resolutions for the coming year? If so, your canine companion will be happy to cheer you on as you strive to meet them … even if he doesn’t understand your goals. Actually, there are quite a few things that don’t really make sense to Man’s Best Friend. Fido may want to sort some of them out this year. A local Greater Cincinnati vet lists some resolutions for confused dogs in this article.

Figure The Cat Out

It’s really not very surprising to learn that Fluffy is quite confusing to our canine companions. There are a lot of things about kitties that just don’t make sense to pups, such as their box obsession and their love of catnip. Dogs are also quite confused by the fact that our feline buddies use litterboxes, don’t like car rides, and willingly clean themselves. Even more disconcerting: kitties wag their tails when they are mad, and growl when they’re happy. No wonder poor Fido is so confused!

Chase The Robot Away

A good vacuum cleaner is a must for anyone with dogs or cats. As far as Fido is concerned, the machine in the closet is his robotic nemesis, which wants to remove all the fur and scents he’s carefully spread around.

Get Out Of Baths

It’s probably safe to say that dogs enjoy feeling soft and clean, just as we do. However, they are not particularly fond of the process that gets them there. Your pooch may try to ramp up the theatrics this year!

Get Human To Offer Better Weather

Does your dog give you a reproachful look when you take him out on a cold or rainy day? It’s entirely possible that Fido thinks you’re in charge of the weather. Your furry buddy may be hoping for more sunny days this year.

Be A Good Boy

Our canine friends really do try to please their humans … even when they aren’t quite clear on what we want. It’s important to remember that consistency is key when it comes to training dogs. For example, your pup may not understand that Sit means the same thing as Fido, Sit Down Right Now. Keep this in mind as you work with your pooch this year.

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