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Choosing Cat Furniture

February 01, 2022

Cats are pretty easy keepers. Fluffy will groom herself diligently, and doesn’t need walks or training. She also isn’t shy about using our beds, sofas, and chairs. However, your kitty will appreciate and benefit from having things made just for her. A Greater Cincinnati vet offers some advice on choosing kitty furniture below.


Is your furry friend still a baby? Little Fluffy will enjoy things that incorporate lots of fun elements, like ladders and dangling toys. She’ll also need a good scratching post or board. Don’t go too crazy with kitten-sized things, though, as your tiny furball will outgrow them very quickly.

Older Cats

If your feline pal is in her golden years, you’ll want to get her something that isn’t hard for her to get on and off. Look for pieces that are soft, comfy, and easy to climb.

Multiple Kitties

Kitties can get quite jealous of one another, and they really don’t like having to compete for resources. If you get things like cat towers, make sure there’s enough room for all of your feline buddies to use it at the same time. Otherwise, Mittens and Fluffy may squabble over whose turn it is!

Cats That Like Heights

Many kitties have a propensity for high vantage points. You can’t really blame Fluffy for this. After all, she doesn’t have a very good view from ground level. If your furball has a mountaineering streak, look for floor-to-ceiling cat towers. Cat shelves are also a good bet.

Active Cats

Do you have a feisty, frisky bundle of zoom on your hands? Choose things that will keep Fluffy occupied. Your playful pet may enjoy cat towers that incorporate toys and ladders. You can even get her a kitty wheel to run on!

All Cats

No matter what type of kitty you have, beds are always a safe bet. You can get store-bought ones, but there are also some easy options for making your own. The simplest thing really is to just fold a soft blanket up and put it on a couch, sofa, or chair. You can also use hat boxes, hard shell suitcases, or boxes as ‘frames,’ and add blankets or pillows for bedding. Then again, Fluffy may ignore all your offerings and sleep in a shoebox. You never know with cats!

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