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Thanksgiving Pet Hazards

November 15, 2021

Thanksgiving isn’t far off. As you start making plans for the autumn holiday, don’t forget about your furry pal. This can be a dangerous time of year for pets. A local Clermont Animal Hospital vet lists some common Turkey Day hazards to be aware of in this article.


Food is the biggest concern. Many of the dishes you may find on the dinner table at Thanksgiving contain things that aren’t safe for pets. While every type of animal is different, there are a few things that are generally unsafe for all of them. That includes chocolate, garlic, onions, avocado, fruit with pips or seeds, alcohol, raw dough, and anything that contains xylitol or a lot of salt, sugar, or fat. Grapes, currants, and raisins are also toxic for many pets.


Keep your pet’s safety in mind as you are decorating. Many pets are drawn to things with dangling ropes or threads. Keep these things and any small or sharp items out of paws’ reach. Toxic plants, chemicals, and plastic bags or wraps are also unsafe. Smaller pets tend to go for things at ground level, so if you have a bunny, ferret, or another little buddy, you’ll also need to make sure that there is nothing dangerous on the ground. Ask your vet for more information.


The weather can drop quickly at this time of year. A warm, comfy bed or hide is a must for all pets. Keep cats indoors, especially at night and when bad weather is coming. Staying in isn’t an option for dogs, so just prepare Fido for the weather. If he has a thin coat, get him a sweater or jacket. Smaller animals may appreciate extra bedding.


A fire in the fireplace can be the perfect finishing touch for making your home look cozy and inviting. Candles also give that special, homey feeling. Just don’t let your pet be exposed to any open flames. Keep candles in high, secure spots, and use grates before fireplaces.


Hopefully this goes without saying, but your guests should never pose a direct threat. The concern here is more for mishaps: a door left open, a tail caught beneath a recliner, a paw stepped on. Keep a close eye on things.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Clermont Animal Hospital. As your local Greater Cincinnati animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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