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Adopting A Senior Dog

November 02, 2021

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! Of course, there’s definitely no bad time to bring a new canine buddy into your home. Senior dogs do need some extra attention. They are really very cute and sweet, but they often have a hard time getting adopted. A Greater Cincinnati veterinarian discusses bringing Fido home below.

Benefits of Senior Dogs

There are many reasons to consider adopting an older dog. Fido isn’t going to need as much training, exercise, or playtime as a younger pooch would: he’ll spend most of his time sleeping. He also isn’t likely to be too interested in eating your shoes or chasing the cat. You’ll also get an adorable, lovable pet that is already trained, and just wants someone to love him and care for him. That can be an extremely rewarding experience. Senior dogs are also super cute, and they tend to be very sweet, calm, and affectionate.


At this stage of your dog’s life, comfort is more important than entertainment and exercise. Your furry friend’s care regimen should reflect that. Get your pup a few good beds, so he has different spots to choose from for his naps. Your vet may also recommend an elevated bowl. Good grooming is also important. That includes paw and nail trims and, for some dogs, ear and face cleanings.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is take Fido to your vet for a nose to tail exam. This is a great time to get some specific care advice for your canine companion. Ask for specific tips on things like diet, exercise needs, and playing. That’s why we’re here!

Getting Settled

Going to a new home is a huge change for dogs. Fido may be a bit timid and confused at first. He may also be a little sad, as he won’t understand why his former owner is no longer caring for him. He might sleep a lot at first, especially if he was in a shelter, as he adjusts. Give him the time he needs. Offering lots of (small) treats, attention, and doggy comforts will help him feel safe, and get that cute tail going. Don’t be surprised if you realize that your new pooch is the best pet you’ve ever had.

Senior dogs are truly ‘pawesome!’

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