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COVID-19 Shelter in Place Mandate

March 23, 2020

Veterinarians have been deemed an “essential profession” during this state of emergency. This means that we will NOT close our doors even while the “shelter in place” order is in effect, unless our doctors or staff become sick with the virus and are required to self-isolate. However, in order to keep operating within the parameters of the emergency orders set forth by the governor, we must make some changes to our practices. We ask for your cooperation and patience with these new protocols.


1. Limited Well-Pet Care Continues. Importantly, we will continue vaccinations and a limited number of well pet appointments, because leaving vulnerable pets unvaccinated may encourage outbreaks of parvovirus, distemper, rabies and more. Please continue to observe the necessary vaccination schedules.

Additionally, we will continue to see patients for any of the following situations:

  • Illness
  • Injuries
  • Follow-up lab testing
  • Refilling needed prescriptions, including heartworm, flea & tick preventative and all chronic medications.

2. Curbside Service. Clients may NOT enter the building and our front door will remain locked. We ask that you call from your car when arriving. We will bring medication refills, products, or prescription diets out to your vehicle. All patients will be brought into the hospital by a staff member and returned to your vehicle after the visit.

  • Call from the parking lot—check-in with the receptionist, giving your cell phone number.
  • A staff member will come to your car and take your pet inside—it is best to have your pet in the back seat or cargo area to minimize direct person-to-person contact.
  • An assistant will call you from the exam room and discuss all history information, concerns, medication/product requests, etc. She will take your pet’s weight and temperature and start any laboratory tests that your pet may need.
  • In lieu of signed consent forms, we will be taking verbal consent over the phone. A staff member will print your name on the form and sign and date it herself beneath.
  • The doctor will review the history and read any laboratory tests, then call you from the exam room so that you can discuss exam/test findings, ask your questions, and approve a plan for your pet. The doctor will explain any treatments or medications.
  • Once all medications/products are prepared and the charges are entered, the receptionist will call you to complete financial transactions and schedule your next appointment. Please pay by credit card over the phone, if at all possible.
  • At the end of the visit, an assistant will return your pet to your car, collect cash/check payments (if you do not have a credit card), and leave your bag of medications/products on the back floorboard. The receipt will be in the bag.

3. Please Call or Check our Updated Hours on our Website or Facebook. We will strive to provide sick-pet appointments every day, but we may not maintain normal business hours throughout this crisis. Please check before coming to pick up a product or a refill on your pet’s medication.

4. For Minor Issues, We May be Able to Provide Remote Service via a Video Conference Call.

  • The feasibility of this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in this service, please talk to a staff member to determine whether this is appropriate for your pet.
  • The cost is the same as a regular office call and MUST be paid by credit card over the phone.
  • This is scheduled like any other appointment, but the doctor will call you at home during your scheduled appointment block. You will be instructed in advance how to prepare for the appointment and MUST have completed requested preparations before the call.

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