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Thanksgiving Bird Safety

November 15, 2023

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just about a week away. While this historically isn’t a great day for turkeys, smaller birds will definitely enjoy partaking in the festivities. Just put Polly’s safety first. A Greater Cincinnati vet offers some advice on keeping your winged buddy safe over the autumn holiday in this article.


Are you decorating for the holiday? Keep Polly’s safety in mind! Be cautious with any small or sharp objects, plastic items, wires or cords, and ropy or stringy items, such as garlands. Candles and potpourri burners are also unsafe for your colorful feathered friend.  Ask your vet for more information.


When it comes to household bird hazards, the kitchen is often listed as a danger zone for Polly. It may actually be the most dangerous spot in the house for her! Not only is there a risk of your pet hurting herself on sharp utensils, but she could also burn herself on a hot pot or burner. Fumes are another concern. Many modern cookware pieces emit vapors that are safe for us but toxic to birds. Nonstick cookware, such as Teflon, is the most dangerous. That nonstick coating can also be found on things like foil turkey bags, waffle irons and bread machines.


Are you hosting this year’s dinner? You’ll also need to take care when people are coming or going. A flighted bird could easily get out as your aunt is bringing that green bean casserole in. Keep Polly in her cage as your guests are arriving.


Your winged pal deserves a special treat! Most birds can enjoy things like squash, shredded carrots, peas, zucchini, and cucumbers. While you don’t want to give Polly too much sugar, she can have small amounts of fruit every now and then. Some safe options include papayas, melons, bananas, mango, orange, kiwi, and apple. Before giving your winged pal her produce, wash it, remove any seeds or pups, and cut it into small pieces. Take care not to offer anything that isn’t safe. That list includes chocolate, garlic and onion, meat, avocado, caffeine, alcohol, and any processed foods. Every bird is different, so ask your vet for specific advice.

Wild Birds

Don’t forget about Polly’s wild cousins. If you have a spot for it, set up a birdfeeder. You may find that you really enjoy watching your feathered buddies come to visit!

Happy Thanksgiving from Clermont Animal Hospital, your local Greater Cincinnati animal clinic. Please reach out to us anytime!

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