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Adopting A Shelter Cat: Preparing For Fluffy’s Arrival

June 01, 2023

Are you ready to welcome a new feline friend into your life? This is a purrfect time to do so: June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! Whether you are looking for a specific type of kitty, or are just looking for that one special cat that melts your heart, you’ll likely find Fluffy waiting for you in a shelter. A local Clermont County vet offers tips on getting ready for your new buddy in this article.


Never underestimate Fluffy’s penchant for mischief. Do some basic petproofing. One thing you’ll need to address is toxic plants. Lilies are deadly to our feline pals, but they are far from the only dangerous ones. (Tip: check the ASPCA site here for suggestions.) Other potential hazards include small or sharp objects; wires and cords, such as drape cords; chemicals; medications; and plastic bags and wraps. Ask your vet for advice.


Before bringing your new feline buddy home, you’ll need to head to the pet store. Fluffy will need toys, treats, at least one bed, dishes, and a good scratching post or board. Food is of course also a must, but it’s best to wait until you’ve chosen your new furball, so you can select products that are appropriate for her age. Age is also something to consider when purchasing litter and litterboxes. Older cats often find it easier to get in and out of boxes with lower sides. Kittens, on the other hand, shouldn’t have clay or clumping litters. This is because of the risk of accidental ingestion, which can cause dangerous blockages. We’d also recommend getting at least one piece of pet furniture, such as a cat tower.

Veterinary Appointments

Fluffy will need to meet her new doctor ASAP. Ideally, this should happen within a week of her coming home. Even if your furry pal has been fixed, she’ll need a nose-to-tail exam. You’ll also want to make sure she’s current on recommended vaccines and parasite control. We love meeting new patients!


Even if you’ve had cats all of your life, there’s always going to be something new to learn about them. Do some reading on things like kitty body language, care tips, and purr activation. Knowledge is power! Your vet is also a great source of information. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

As your Clermont County animal clinic, we strive to provide excellent care, and are also always happy to answer questions. Contact us anytime!

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