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5 Ways To Be A Responsible Animal Guardian

May 01, 2023

May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month. Like many other pet awareness events and holidays, this is meant to help improve the lives and conditions of our furred, scaled, and feathered friends, by raising awareness about what it truly means to be a good guardian. A local Greater Cincinnati vet lists some of the most crucial points of that in this article. 


Understanding Pets’ Needs 


All of our animal companions have the same basic needs: good food, fresh water, suitable shelter, and proper veterinary care. However, that’s just the start. Our animal companions all have specific needs that go beyond that. A big part of being a good animal guardian comes from doing research and learning more about your pet. For instance, many smaller animals, like bunnies and Guinea pigs, require chew toys to wear their teeth down. Fluffy needs a good scratching post, while Polly needs lots of perches.


Know Your Pet 


The better you get to know your pet, the easier it will be for you to spot signs that they are feeling scared, sick, bored, or uncomfortable. Researching will help here, too. For instance, a pup that is licking his lips may very well be feeling uneasy. However, your own pet’s personality also comes into play. It may be normal for a timid cat to spend most of her time hiding, but if an outgoing kitty starts acting withdrawn, it may mean something is wrong. 


Provide Safe Spaces 


Everybody needs a place to go, where they can feel not just comfortable, but completely safe and relaxed. That applies to pets as well! Petproofing also comes into play here. Those playful and curious streaks that make pets so much fun can also lead them right into trouble.




Most people wouldn’t feel very happy just sitting in a room all day, staring at the walls. That applies to pets as well! Toys, playtime, and, for dogs, regular walks make a huge difference to your pet’s mental and emotional health, which in turn affect their physical health.


Veterinary Care

Last but certainly not least, keep up with your pet’s veterinary care needs and wellness care. That includes watching for signs of illness, and contacting us right away if you notice anything. Healthy pets are happy pets! 


Do you need to make an appointment? Contact us, your Greater Cincinnati animal clinic, today! 

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