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Helping Your New Bunny Settle In

April 01, 2023

Easter is next week. Despite the popularity of the Easter Bunny, this can be a bad time of year for rabbits. Many bunnies get adopted around Easter. That sounds like a good thing, but many of these are impulse buys instead of well-researched and thought out decisions. Unfortunately, it leads to many bunnies being quickly rehomed. That said, there’s no bad time to adopt a bunny, as long as you understand Floppy’s care needs and the commitment involved. In this article, a Greater Cincinnati vet offers some advice on helping your furry friend get settled. 




Have everything Floppy needs ready before you take her home. Floppy will need a good  habitat, as well as chew toys, food, grass hay, and a water bottle. She’ll probably be pretty nervous at first, but that’s okay. Provide a safe hide for your bunny to retreat to, and then leave your little buddy alone for a day or two. 


Litter Training


If you plan to litterbox train your little buddy, start from day one. You can use a cat litterbox or a cement-mixing pan. When Floppy relieves herself, put the waste in the box. You may also want to put up a hay rack, so your bun can eat while she’s doing her business. 



While Floppy is getting settled into her new habitat, take time to do some research about your furry pal and her care needs. This is also a good time to get that crucial first veterinary appointment on the books.


Making Friends


When Floppy starts to feel more comfortable, she’ll cautiously emerge from her hide. You don’t want to approach her: hold out your hand and let her come to you. (A treat may help entice her). Talk to your furry buddy, but be restrained about petting or holding her until you know what she likes. While some bunnies enjoy being petted, most of them don’t like being held.




After a day or two, you can start letting Floppy out to play. Keep her confined to a small, bunnyproofed area, and let her explore her new domain carefully. Your vet can offer tips on what needs to be addressed and what to do. You can still help gain her trust by talking to her and offering snacks. 


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