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Bonding With A New Cat

March 01, 2023

March is Adopt A Rescue Cat Month! Bringing a new kitty into your home can be very fun and exciting … for you. For your new pet, it can be scary and overwhelming, especially at first. It’s important to make sure that you and Fluffy are getting off on the right paw. A Greater Cincinnati vet offers some advice on helping get that purr going in this article.

Let Fluffy Adjust

Big changes, such as going to a new home, can be extremely traumatic and scary for pets. Your furry pal is going to need some time to adjust to her new domain. That’s fine! You may want to start her out in one room, and then slowly let her explore the rest of the house.

Don’t Force It

One of the most important rules for interacting with cats, if not the most important one, is to never force attention on Fluffy. Our feline friends are quite small, and get frightened very quickly if they feel trapped.


Treats can go a long way towards building any animal’s trust. Offer small snacks. It’s best to let Fluffy come to you: hold a tidbit out, and call her to you. If your furry pal approaches, try to gently pet her forehead, and see how she reacts.

Present A Positive Demeanor

Talking to your feline buddy can go a long way towards helping her feel safe and loved. She won’t know what you’re saying, but it’s really the sound and tone of your voice—and the fact that you’re attempting to communicate—that matter the most. Use a gentle, friendly tone. (You don’t have to do the baby talk voice, but Fluffy does seem to like it.)


Taking time to play with Fluffy is bound to score you some points. Dangle a toy above your kitty’s head, and see how she reacts. If your feline pal wants to play, then by all means, indulge her!


Fluffy is usually quite affectionate towards those who take good care of her. Just make sure that your furry friend feels loved, safe, and maybe a little bit pampered. Good food, fresh water, and kitty comforts, such as beds and cat towers, will all help your little buddy realize she’s got it pretty good! 

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