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Fall With Pocket Pets

September 07, 2022

Fall is coming up fast! Over the next few weeks, we’ll see plenty of pumpkin-flavored everything, and seasonal decorations will be popping up everywhere. You can find quite a bit of information on fall care for dogs and cats, but what about smaller animals? Rabbits, Guinea pigs, gerbils, and other tiny critters also need a little extra care as the seasons change. A Hendersonville, NC vet offers some advice on this below.


Dogs and cats can usually move around and find a warm spot to curl up in when it’s chilly, but caged animals really can’t do much, aside from snuggle up. It’s important to realize that cold is not only uncomfortable for pets: it can be very dangerous for them. Hamsters, for instance, will try to hibernate if they get too cold. This can be very dangerous for these little furballs, as they don’t know how to hibernate properly. Unfortunately, they don’t always survive the attempt. Make sure your little buddy is in a spot that isn’t drafty, and isn’t too close to vents, fireplaces, or heating ducts.


It’s already starting to get dark earlier. Make sure your pet isn’t going from bright light to complete darkness randomly as people turn lights on and off. You don’t necessarily need a cover or a timed light: just make sure your furry little friend is exposed to general light and dark cycles.
Seasonal Decorations
Autumn decorations definitely make your home look super cozy and welcoming. Why not have some fun decorating your little buddy’s cage? Bunnies and Guinea pigs may enjoy having a soft fleece blanket with a seasonal print. You may also find some cute decorative pieces that can work as hides. Or, just decorate outside the cage.
Photo Shoots
Tiny pets really do take some adorable photos. Set up a little photo shoot. Put a witch hat on your hamster, or put your Guinea pig on a pumpkin. Just don’t use any props that could be dangerous, such as small or sharp objects.
Pine cones can actually make good chew toys for smaller animals. However, you should only offer plain, unscented ones. If you gather any from the woods, clean and disinfect them before giving them to your little buddy. Ask your vet for tips on this.
Do you have questions about pocket pet care? Contact us, your Hendersonville, NC animal clinic!

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