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Fun Facts About Geckos

September 01, 2021

Today, September 1st, is World Gecko Day. These cute lizards are quite popular pets, and have some very devoted fans. They’re also pretty fascinating! Read on as a Greater Cincinnati vet lists some fun facts about geckos.

Big Family

There are over 1850 types of geckos in the world. Though they all live in warmer climates naturally, they vary quite a bit in color and size.

Big Lizard, Little Lizard

The smallest member of the gecko family is the dwarf gecko, a native of the Caribbean Islands. This little guy is actually the world’s smallest lizard, and is less than an inch long. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the New Caledonian giant gecko, which can grow to be about two feet.


Geckos are polyphyodonts, which means they replace their teeth regularly. They have rather a lot of teeth; 100, to be exact. These usually are replaced every 3-4 months. You may also notice that geckos sometimes seem to smile in photos. This makes for some adorable pictures.


Most types of geckos lay eggs. However, a few of them bear live young. Some species can even reproduce asexually!

Making A Comeback

Unfortunately, many types of geckos have gone extinct. However, one of the most popular ones has come back from the brink. The Crested gecko was once thought to be lost. However, it was rediscovered in 1994, and is now a very popular pet.

Happy Feet

One fascinating thing about geckos is the way they stick to walls. This is because they have adhesive toe pads. (Most of them do, anyway. One of the more popular geckos, the Leopard gecko, does not have this feature.) Gecko feet are self-cleaning, and stick to everything except dry Teflon.


Reptiles are pretty quiet pets, but they aren’t entirely silent. Geckos actually make a range of noises, from barks to whistles to chirping sounds.

Tail Drop

Geckos have the ability to drop their tails. This helps them escape from birds, cats, and other predators. While they do regrow their tails, the new tail is often smaller than the original, and may look stumpy and discolored. Never hold your gecko by the tail. Even though it may regrow, losing a limb isn’t very pleasant, to say the least.

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