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Summer Cat Care Tips

June 15, 2021

Does your kitty like to relax in sunbeams? Chances are, she probably does. Cats don’t run on solar power, but apparently no one has ever told them that. Your feline pal may spend a good chunk of the next few months sunbathing. Of course, this time of year can be both uncomfortable and dangerous for Fluffy. After all, she is already wearing a fur coat! A local Greater Cincinnati vet offers some summer cat care tips in this article. 

Offer Lots Of Water

Drinking water is Fluffy’s main defense against the heat. Your kitty may appreciate a fountain, as many cats prefer running water. You may also need to set out extra watering stations, especially if you have a large house or more than one cat. Many of our feline buddies prefer running water, so you can also try giving your furball a pet fountain. 

Keep Up With Parasite Control 

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos won’t just make Fluffy miserably itchy: they can also carry diseases and parasites that can make her (and you) very sick. Keep up with your furball’s parasite control! Don’t forget about your feline friend’s heartworm medication. Cats may be less susceptible than dogs, but they can also get permanent–and potentially fatal–organ damage from just one heartworm. 

Keep Kitty In

We know, this is Fluffy’s favorite time of year for outdoor shenanigans, such as leaving pawprints on freshly-washed cars and refusing to come when you call. Other popular summer kitty activities include chasing moths, rolling around in the driveway, and, of course, bringing the humans ‘presents,’ … aka dead rodents. However, your furry little adventurer will be much better off staying cool and comfy indoors. 

Don’t Forget The Furball 

Cats like to follow their humans around. (Some kitties will even follow you into the bathroom, but that’s another topic.) This is cute, but it can backfire, as Fluffy could get herself locked in a sweltering shed or attic. Keep an eye on your little shadow.

Cold Treats

Think kitties don’t like cold treats? Offer your fussy feline an ice cube to bat around. Kitty paw pads are very sensitive, and they help Fluffy regulate her temperature. Whether she licks it, plays with it, or both, it will help cool her off. 

Does your cat need an exam? Is Fluffy due for parasite control products? Contact us, your local Greater Cincinnati veterinary clinic, today! 

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