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Senior Cat Care

September 01, 2020

Is your kitty starting to slow down a bit? Is Fluffy aged nine or older? If so, your feline buddy is officially retired from her official duties of napping, judging you, and looking cute. (Your cat will also spend her retirement napping, judging you, and looking cute, but that’s another topic.) Read on for some great senior cat care tips from a local Greater Cincinnati vet.


Older cats are master nappers. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Offer your furry buddy lots of warm, comfy napping spots. Your kitty may really enjoy a heated bed or a thermal blanket.


Obesity is an issue with senior cats. Chasing Z’s doesn’t burn anywhere near as many calories as chasing mice! Offer your pet a high-quality food, but don’t overindulge her. You’ll also want to pay attention to portion sizes. Some kitties may benefit from supplements, especially in fall and winter, when it’s cold and damp.

Veterinary Care

Just like people, cats become susceptible to medical conditions as they age. Fluffy will benefit from getting more frequent exams. This will greatly increase the chances of any issues being caught early. Your vet will likely recommend bringing your pet in more often as she grows older. At home, watch for signs of illness. Call us immediately if you notice anything amiss.

Kitty-Friendly Facilities

Making a few small adjustments to your home can really make things much easier on Fluffy. Leave a nightlight on after dark for her, so she can get around more easily. You may also want to get a senior-friendly litterbox.

Cat Stairs

Set out footstools and ottomans, so your furry friend can jump to her favorite spots more easily. You can also give her a gentle lift.


Fluffy won’t be as frisky as she once was, though she’ll still have occasional bouts of the zoomies. Try to play with your cat every day. This will help keep her in shape, entertain her, and offer her beneficial mental stimulation.


The best thing you can do for your feline friend is just make sure she feels safe and loved. Pay attention to Fluffy! Even just giving her a quick forehead rub as you pass by will help keep that motor going.

Please contact us, your local Greater Cincinnati vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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