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5 Ways To Pamper A Bunny

February 01, 2020

Have you ever seen your rabbit do a binky? A binky is basically a rabbit happy dance, and it’s something bunnies do when they are feeling cheerful and content. It’s kind of like the equivalent of Fluffy purring or Fido wagging his tail. What’s the best way to score a binkie? Read on! A Greater Cincinnati vet lists some great ways to pamper a rabbit in this article.

Big Cage

Floppy will spend a lot of time in her cage, so it’s important to make sure it’s comfy for her. Your pet should have plenty of room to run, play, and hop without being constricted. The cage should include a hide box, dishes, water bottle, and toys. Make sure it’s in a spot where your bunny can see and hear you without feeling either isolated or exposed.


Rabbits are very playful and curious. They also need to chew a lot, to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. Put these things together, and you have a pet that needs lots of toys! You can make many of your bunny’s toys out of common household items, like the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls. Dig boxes are also a big hit with these guys. Look online for ideas and instructions.


Just like any other pet, bunnies love treats. Floppy definitely has a sweet tooth, and loves things like strawberries and bananas. Just don’t go overboard here: too much sugar isn’t good for your pet! Fresh herbs and fruit tree branches are also appropriate. Ask your vet for more information.

Bunny Play Zone

Rabbits will chew anything and everything within paws’ reach. Bunnyproofing is an absolute must for bunny owners! Why not make a whole room safe for Floppy, and let her hang out there most of the time? You can easily do this with a living room or family room. That way, your cute pet can spend time with you without hurting herself or damaging your belongings.


Last but not least, the best way to spoil a bunny is to simply make sure that she feels loved. Spend time with Floppy every day, and let her sleep on your lap if she wants. Talk to your furry pal, and offer her lots of cuddles.

Please contact us, your Greater Cincinnati vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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