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Caring For a Lemur

November 01, 2019

Are you planning to adopt a lemur? Lemurs are cute and fluffy, and can make adorable pets. However, there are many things to consider before adopting one. Here, a Clermont County vet discusses lemur care.


Native to Madagascar, lemurs are one of the smaller primates. In fact, the Madame’s Berthe mouse lemur is the smallest primate in the world! Ring-tailed lemurs are most commonly kept as pets.


Make sure you understand the laws governing owning lemurs. These cute, fluffy little guys are legal to be kept as pets here in Ohio. However, they must be registered, and cannot be transported over state lines.


Ideally, lemurs should live in the wild with their families. Avoid ‘black market’ lemurs, which may have been wild-caught. Go to a reputable store or breeder instead.


Lemurs are very social, and live in groups in the wild. Your pet will rely on you for social interaction, so plan to devote plenty of time to the little guy.


Lemurs are quite costly. Acquiring one can cost several thousand dollars, and that’s not including the costs of housing, food, and medical care. Diapers are another expense to consider: lemurs can’t be housebroken, so you’ll need diapers. Make sure you are both financially able and committed to keeping your pet for its entire lifespan. This can be up to 20 years!


Training will take a lot of time, but it’s absolutely necessary. It’s worth noting that lemurs don’t always obey their humans. In fact, they can get quite aggressive, especially as they reach sexual maturity.


Wild lemurs eat fruits, nuts, and insects. Pet ones can eat commercial monkey chow, supplemented with fruits, monkey biscuits, and fiber sticks. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Your pet will need a cage that is at least 8 x 8 x 8. This should be raised off the ground, and should include a den, which must be heated in winter. Make sure it’s in a quiet area, as lemurs hate loud noises. You’ll also need to do some lemur-proofing . Even ceiling fans can be deadly for these guys!

Veterinary Care

Just like other pets, lemurs need regular veterinary care, including vaccinations, exams, and parasite control. Finding a vet that is experienced with lemurs is absolutely crucial here!

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