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Exotic Pet Promotion

November is Exotic Pet Month at Clermont Animal Hospital, Inc.

Exotic pets including Rabbits, Reptiles, Birds, Ferrets, Primates and Pocket pets should have a physical exam at least once a year or as recommended by our veterinarians. 

During a physical exam we can check for possible dental irregularities, skin irritations, parasites and many other underlying conditions that may affect your pets' health.

  • 10% off an Exotic Physical Exam

  • Free Exotic dental exam (if no other services are needed)

    *Excludes Primates*

  • 25% off a fecal gram stain for your exotic pet

  • Free toe nail trim for your exotic pet (with your exam)

  • 10% off Full Avain Profile for your Bird

    (Limit One of Each Item per Customer, Per Pet)